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The AKR-74M which arrive from June 2017 will be sub the UK Legal Limit. We have asked for 330-350 fps. This should be within most UK site limits. 
Product Description

The AK-74 is an assault rifle developed in the early 1970s in the Soviet Union as the replacement for the earlier AKM. It uses a smaller 5.45x39mm intermediate cartridge, replacing the 7.62x39mm chambering of earlier Kalashnikov-pattern weapons.

The KWA AKR-74M is an AK style, Electric Recoil Gun [ERG] that utilizes the patented Kinetic Feedback System [KFS]. This gives the user felt recoil with every trigger pull. All ERG Series rifles feature a mechanical/electrical cut-off system that works in conjunction with the ERG magazines to feed every BB and stop firing when the magazine is empty. This brings a new level of realism to any training and MilSim operation. The AKR-74M is designed to accurately simulate the AK platform. It features a full metal alloy receiver and high impact polymer hand guard, pistol grip, and full folding stock. An AK side mount on the receiver allows users to expand the platform with AK specific mounts and accessories. Enhanced by the Kinetic Feedback System, the KWA AKR-74M is a strong reliable rifle for those interested in training with the AK platform.

Calibre 6mm
Engine Kinetic Feedback System [KFS]
Power Source 11.1v 15c Li-po/Li-Fe
Dim. / Wt Inner Barrel Diameter:
Inner Barrel Length:
Overall Length (Retracted):
Overall Length (Extended):
6.05 mm
488 mm
70.4 cm [27.5″]
94.6 cm [37.25″]
3.3 kg [6.8 lbs]
Performance Rate of fire:
Energy Output with 0.20g BB:
20+ RPS
Sub UK Legal Limits
Special Features
  • Simulated Recoil
  • Mechanical/electrical cut-off system
  • AK side rail mount
  • Adjustable front and rear sights
  • Fiber reinforced polymer hand guard with battery compartment
  • Semi and full auto select fire
  • Fiber reinforced polymer folding stock
  • KWA 3GX Gearbox
  • KWA 2G high performance bucking
  • Adjustable one-piece hop up
  • Full metal alloy reciever

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